• saidivya3025 5w

    My love

    Ur are an amazing thing ever happened in my life .ur are my strength gives me hope to survive u are my inspiration gives me the courage to grow ur my missing part of my soul and that part is complete now and it's my soul feeling jumping out of body and my heart slipped every time I hear you and my cheeks blush just like a beautiful petal of the flower my heart singes with love I wonder whether it's the best artistic form of love a god given gift paves my way towards u every single time bcz you are my ultimate happiness my missing part part of soul beautiful crush of my heart and ur are oxytocin to my brain .Never have I ever wondered that I would be deeply drowning in ur love keep laughing everywhere without reason it's soo suprising that I feel ur touch in air around me that gives sparks in my eyes and everything just seems like a beautiful melody of love.