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    When I was three years old
    I fell in love with a girl
    a girl who was beauty personified
    she loved me more than I loved her
    one day I proposed her saying I love you
    I learned this words from a daily soap
    she smiled and accepted it with an embrace
    actually I had an obsession for fair girls
    we both used to play a lot
    she helped me in doing my homework
    she made me ready for school
    I was more closer to her than my mother
    I always used to tell her that I will marry her
    she smiled everytime and cuddled me
    I gave her countless kisses everyday
    I thought that destiny will never separate us
    we are made for each other
    but one day, a tragedy hit me ��
    I was 5 years old and came back from school
    I heard people in my home talking
    about someone's marriage in my family
    I enquired and got to know that
    some people came to my home
    to ask my love for marriage with their son
    I was in despair, I was totally devastated
    I wept like hell that day ��
    I skipped my dinner and went into oblivion
    every one in my family was trying to convince me
    I didn't listen to any, I was weeping
    it was the turn of my love to convince me
    she came near me and cuddled tightly
    and told me that she will love her husband
    but not more than me,
    I will always remain her first love
    I accepted and told her to visit me
    each time I call her, she just smiled
    atlast she was married making me sad ��
    now she has a son who is 13 years old ��
    she was none other than my cousin ��
    even today whenever we meet we laugh
    remembering my childhood stupidity

    This is not fictional and absolutely real ��
    There might be many mistakes please ignore, I wrote this in a hurry ��..

    That is me in the pic, the innocent me ��


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