• tired_j 6w

    Maybe you won’t understand and I don’t blame you, I think it’s just our differences.
    It’s just that I need to accept and you gotta pardon me for needing you too much.
    You can’t change like I can’t change. And I think I’ve to let that sink in.
    Maybe I took too long to understand or maybe I didn’t quite fully understand, well either way thank you for being patient.
    Maybe I’m wrong all this time and maybe you were right all the time. Maybe we’ll never know.
    You can’t compromise for what you are not, likewise I am as same as you.
    And as I ponder upon - it’s quite a sad relation we share.
    Is that normal ?
    Do people of our age dispute on personal differences or they just surrender ?
    This journey of one life is all about seeking happiness and here we are always against each other when we try to find our own calm and happiness. I’m upset when you try to find your happiness and on the other hand you are upset when I try to fight for mine.
    Aren’t we suppose to be happy for each other ?
    Aren’t we suppose to support and understand all the ups and downs?
    Are we just going to settle in maybes?Maybe we are at best when we are not for each other.