• anil_ugreja 5w

    When you're not in control of yourself
    At that time you are not you and you become something else.Then you can't stop yourself from doing what you don't have to do. you start asking questions and answers by yourself

    What is happening to me these days, who is it that is not letting me live like me?

    Maybe you also know why all this is happening but you often deny the truth

    Your nature is changing, your way of speaking is changing, you are changing all over, but you do not know

    Then you deliberately try to keep distance from people, but this causes more bitterness and toughness in your nature.

    Instead of being happy you start feeling unhappy

    You are with everyone but you start living with yourself all the time

    What is this all about, why is it for what no one here will know except you and me

    What is it called........?

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