• caseyjones 10w

    You are the devil

    you taught me so much joy
    in simple yet basic things
    of living and loving
    not overthinking but doing
    and your smiles sank deep down
    in my pupils and into my brains
    and its frightening me - thinking
    about you every day and night
    trying to block you out listening
    to the humming of the stereo
    the good songs and losing track
    of your face closing my heart
    in one way and opening it up
    an other way, we cant change
    the past, the memories shared
    together in perfect harmony
    but you are the devil and i am
    a sacrifice, forever suffering
    in eternal doom, lonely when
    alone for being a bad company
    while your silence screams
    and your body aches in my bones
    will you keep yourself out of my dreams?