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    Dear best friend,

    It was a nice morning,
    around 10:30 am,
    I was walking with her
    in my school ground
    for a break. The very first
    friend I got that year,
    I told her, "She left me,
    I thought she'd be forever"
    , a light doubt on her face,
    she replied, " People are same"
    A bit of anxiousness appeared
    on my innocent face, I told,
    "Let's see how long you
    will stay" With a confident
    voice, she ended, "FOREVER,
    LET'S SEE" and she proved
    it too. Today is her birthday,
    and I wanted to tell this to her,
    "You proved it girl"
    You never left me idiot,
    even at my darkest days
    and brightest hours. Shadows
    leave at dark, but best friend
    holds hand tighter. Of course
    I hate some of yours, and you
    hate some of mine, but we love
    each other. Though many enter
    my life, many stay, many leave,
    but you'll always have your
    own place in me! Happy birthday
    to my best friend ❤

    with love,
    your BFF.