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    Father had been suffering from asthma, diabetes and somewhere also from life.
    Those days father would behave so weird like he insisted to go to bathroom in every 2 minutes
    and also insisted like want to eat something at 2 AM and want to sit outside tge home.
    So frustrated mother and sister felt good to sleep in another room.
    Now only I left with him to get him to the bathroom and takecare of him and I did too for many days.
    So this is the story of a night when I was so tired for taking him to the bathroom again and again and because I wasn't take much rest for many days so I was feeling sleepy so badly but still trying hard to not sleeping.
    It was the time about 2:15 AM I don't know when I'd gone to a deep sleep.
    Sudden I heard a loud voice like something felt and that sound woke me up with a shock and I found that he was not there
    I ran towards the bathroom and I found them outside the bathroom.

    "he was on the ground and a big size bicycle was all over him and he even wasn't able to push that bicycle."

    that was the most frightened moment of my life and the most heartbroken thing was I wasn't that big enough to help him to get up
    so he waved his hand and make me stop and then he stood himself after taking some time.

    So if I could ever do time travel I just wish I could go to that moment and I could not sleep so that he couldn't fell like that I just can't forgive myself for that night and I missed him so badly and he loved me more than anything.


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