• iformyself 10w

    Heavier Burden

    Wallowing in self-pity,
    Here I lay in bed..
    Good enough for noone out there,
    That's what have been said.

    Not cool, not caring, not funny, not charming,
    Anything I do, it comes back at me,
    Everybody leaves one day,
    Or somehow they've never stayed..

    People have their besties,
    I sure also have mine,
    But the people who care for me are so far away,
    Seems they can't bring out my shine..

    Lover couldn't find enough love,
    Friends couldn't forgive me for my sins,
    I am human l, I do make mistakes,
    But the mistakes have imprinted upon my soul now..

    They say it's not your abilities but your choices that defines you,
    Seems I have made far too many bad choices to come back from it now..

    Have hope, they say,
    Have faith, they say,
    I'm sorry
    It's all just slipping away..

    Tell me for how long will I hold on the thread of this hope?
    For how long will I keep hanging?
    I have to let go sometime..
    And seems that time is near..

    This heart will turn to stone,
    This mind will lose its emotions,
    For that's far too easy to deal with than to
    Feel things deeply and get hurt.