• hecayte 24w

    The Cliff

    Life has come to a still,
    and a million crossroads scatter ahead of me.

    "Choose -"
    Life blurts, extending it's ashen,
    bony index towards the puzzling derailed mess.

    I stare at the jumbled roads,
    visualising deadends around every curve -
    my nimble feet refuse to budge.

    Every poem I've read,
    every song I've heard,
    refuses to help, denies to inspire.

    And I stand just a little longer,
    paralysed with fear & uncertainity,
    before Life pushes me over the edge.

    And as I freefall,
    with a dry throat & teary eyes,

    I always realise that it
    was never a jumble of roads -
    It was a cliff.

    It's always a cliff.