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    My love for new friends.. They make life much more fun!���� #love #pod @writersnetwork @writerstolli @odysseus @dreamy_eyes @keeraa @sunil_swami @point_less @babygirl7

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    When you out there stressed
    But good! I'll use, when you are bored
    Just think of me, what we have

    A great relationship between us
    A great friend you are to me
    Great advice you always give to me
    Many reasons for me to smile
    Reasons for me to laugh
    Reasons for me to forget what troubles me
    They are all a gift from you to me..

    I won't be useless, let me be helpful
    Sense and nonsense, I have them full
    Never feel down, am here to make you laugh
    But making you mad sounds better
    If you let me, that is.. But more to that
    Always remember that I'll always be next to you
    I'll always listen to you
    I'll always be happy when close to you
    Everything about you!

    You are one of a special kind
    One am not ready to lose
    Walk with me in this journey called life
    I need you!
    You mean so much to me!