• __vintagevermeil 22w

    I wish i could run again
    As wild as the wind could chase me
    And as mild as my feet would carry me
    In the meadow of childhood till i reach the
    verge of adulthood s' frowning brow
    Why would the time choose to refrain from
    being pleasant to me?
    How do the passing seconds suddenly
    appear with
    sharp spears pointing at me?
    It's not fair,
    I never fly so high
    Yet my wings got broken by the
    rushing breeze of time,
    Sinking me below the sands of adolescent
    And i have never been more distressed about
    the struggles of life
    When i am so used to being curious with the
    wonders of myths ;
    There isn't a fairy tale in reality
    It's all about horrors
    Horrified with reality
    Terrified with limitations
    We are runners on the race of thrillers,
    Not princesses or princes in disguise
    Time beguiles our mind with quixotic
    murmurs of falsehoods ..
    © Pingu_pennameofmine


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