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    An experience I had

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    Shallow girls

    Ok class is in session let me teach you this lesson.
    And I'm sure it's not one you'll be forgetting. He's a nice man just poorly dressed!

    He on the other hand not so nice but that swag makes you wet! The pros and cons are as clear as day but who you kidding nice guys finish last anyway.

    Maybe you could do the nice guy but I think it's too much work to brush off his low self esteem plus if I talk to him what will my peers think?

    This GOOD guy isn't so bad but that BAD guy sounds so good!

    Fuck pros and cons! The bad guy it is YOLO I only have 1 to live.

    Weeks past here we are again men are liars I hate all of them! My expression says it all. Now who's this touching my fucking shoulder! You about to feel my wrath.

    Oh it's the good guy and he sees I'm mad but trying to make me laugh and he's doing a great job. What was I even mad about hes making good conversation and hasn't once brought up sex!

    And now you see it's a bad decision and you have regrets and now you're trying to get close to this good guy but he's no longer showing interest.

    Something's different than before he's perfectly groomed and his words are like medicine for your sick soul and your heart how can he be melting something so cold?

    His whole demeanor has changed and his smell OMG I don't know if he's had 7 baths but his body works!

    Before he leaves he say don't be sad for things you've lost God has better in store.

    But were you blind not to see him before? No more pros or cons you've already been conned by the pro now you hate almost every man in this world but that's what you get for being a shallow girl.