• konstantin 41w

    I sit, stand, lean
    over the edge of the plateaued mountain top
    rugged & steep, In climb
    an old woman's palm
    wrinkled but smooth at the top
    spine concaves & convexes
    eyes widen, pupils dilate
    hair rise in rebel
    feet turn cold, rooted in the ground
    nerves chill & ignite, at once
    drops of sweat, float
    In the winds, like pollens & clouds
    muscles stiffen, thrusting me
    one step to the edge
    two to the life
    like dust on a monsoon morning
    settled by rain
    charged by the storm

    I jump, to touch the clouds
    moist & wet, foamy white
    silver at the edge
    grey on the belly
    mile high & Inch deep
    they part like the red sea
    sunshine spills on my skin
    spread arms, like Jesus
    asking for more

    a slice of rain
    dice of clouds
    girl to sing & dance with
    smile, to spread around