• _poetry_queen_ 6w

    You and Me

    Im afraid to say it
    Im scared to open these curtains and reveal everything in me
    Loving you has gotten me kidnapped
    And tortured and overwhelmed by jealousy
    You won't hear it
    My screams are silent
    I dont know how to escape this
    Is the best thing to stay quiet?
    I have been crying
    The curtains are always closed so i dont try to hide it
    If i were to callopsed into you
    Can you promise me i would never fall at the end of this
    But your eyes...god your eyes make me thirst for more
    Are you willing to hear my thoughts about this sunset
    And if you do..would you turn away from everything we have worked for
    Im afraid to say it
    Im scared if I break down the wall you will leave
    I dont know if you would understand
    But i think i need to come clean
    Im afraid you will find someone better
    Who doesn't have such wildest..crazy dreams..
    But in those im willing to walk the mile
    And try to protect everything built in you and me