• anushairfan 10w

    Since the day I was born you have only made me proud of you. Everything you do becomes right for me even if the world says its not. You are my heart, soul my whole world.

    I have never met someone as kind as you. Someone who literally wouldn’t say no to anyone. I have seen you helping people when it was extremely difficult for you & it taught me all I had to learn; to be kind no matter what Allah will be kinder to you.

    You believed in me & supported me in everything throughout my life. You gave me the kind of courage & confidence that is unshakable. I may doubt others but I never doubt myself because I am your daughter and you’ve taught me well. Today whatever I am, its all because of you and Mumma.

    Thank you Abu Ji for being the best father and for being the most perfect human being. May Allah always bless you with the best of health, long life, happiness and above all the peace and harmony of heart and mind.