• indhumerton 5w

    Have you ever felt to pain of a child being raped?


    Hundred of hands are choking my breath
    Thousands of lips wanted to taste mine..
    Nails are tearing my skin!! Somebody help me pls
    Mom Dad!! Where are you?
    Blood is coming out of my body...somebody pls help me!!
    I shouted as loud as I can but no body helped me..
    I felt the broken pieces of glasses are entering my vagina...Maaa!!!
    I can't bare the pain pls leave me!! Pls leave me!!
    I begged to him..he was 30years older than me..
    His primitive animal lust..his teeth..bitted my private parts...my soft child body seemed like a flesh to him...
    Pls leave me!! Pls leave me!!! It's paining a lot..
    With all my power I wasn't able to stop that animal..
    I screamed as loud as I can till my last breath
    but nobody came to help me..
    I died..found died 3 days later...
    My soul still prayed to God...somebody help me...
    Do you know how people helped me
    They posted my photos in status, hastaged my name,
    Two weeks gone...my name is no where now, my name is nowhere in the status..
    What left u know... my photo in our home wall..
    My parents became a live cadaver...!!!

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