• poetshrutiwrites 6w

    Love myself

    How do I love myself?
    And forget everyone else,
    Do something which makes me happy,
    Not what makes others admire me.

    Of all the time I wasted,
    Worrying what others liked and hated,
    Everytime I hesitated,
    To do my thing,
    So long I waited.

    Somewhere I always knew,
    I was different, creative too,
    Never ran out of ideas,
    Came through with one or two too.

    Was I the one stopping myself?
    Or were other people to blame?
    Was I just tricking myself?
    Into thinking that I am not wrong,
    That I wasn't letting myself,
    Make my name and fame.

    Was I meant to be alone?
    Did people not like me?
    Or was it just that,
    Some people were filled with jealousy?

    My world view was before black and white,
    But now I can see the shades of grey,
    Realizing nothing was too good nor too bad,
    That I shouldn't try to be,
    Always too happy or too sad.

    I waited no longer,
    For the limit had reached,
    To tolerate the sabotage I did,
    To myself and it was a breach,
    To the agreement I had with me,
    To create my life in a way,
    I would feel so free,
    And so eager to live it with glee.