• jeitendra_sharma 6w

    walk of pride

    Me, and You
    walking together again
    years have passed
    still, I remember the old times
    little feet of mine
    and giant shoulder of Yours
    holding the weight of future
    I never heard You complaining
    about life
    how ungrateful it has been, indeed?
    the struggles You have been through
    the hardship of old times
    a self-made success
    with compassion for others
    helping hands of Yours,

    How ungrateful I am?
    I never wanted to be like You
    afraid of all this suffering that honesty brings
    but I regret it, as I couldn't be like You
    I lack courage and don't have that mighty heart as yours
    I see the strength in Your ideas
    the conviction to overcome all problems,

    walking again with You
    reminds me of old times
    things I couldn't tell You
    but I know You are the 'Man'
    growing-up with values You have taught
    I know the values of human life
    the equality and Justice
    for which one has to fight
    thank You
    walking beside me,