• detour 9w

    Bubble paper

    I did build a house
    On a stack of bubble paper
    Each bubble filled with
    Pinch of insecurity
    Little possessiveness
    And a lot of dreams
    Suddenly but a turbulence came
    And the bubbles bursted
    And so did my house
    Sheathed by silence
    And unreasonable absence
    Of all the bubbles I did store
    Not for a second did they stay
    And won't it return anymore
    Some of them got saved though
    Collecting them I am with care
    For the ones I have lost
    The memories do scare
    Can't I overblow this time
    For they would again desolate
    Hold them too tight if I
    Burst will again my fate
    Very delicate these bubbles are
    Tenderness is all they need
    From curses to protect them
    Patience will take the lead