• tista_mahendra 9w

    Sleepless nights

    Sleepless nights are not as you see
    Cause whenever I look up, I see the moon calling me
    It might sound you boring, right?
    But for me, I am obsessed with that sight!
    See the twinkling stars and everything is still
    I am in my balcony, but it feels that i am on the top of the grassy Hill
    I'm watching the moon and the moon sees me back
    I could only think of catching this moment in a sack
    My sleepless nights are always taken over by the moon and the sky
    And it's just because I love that beautiful sight
    The silence I could hear and everything is soo calm
    The sweet winds makes my soul cool
    And thus, the moon knits my sleepless nights with its magical wool.