• theyearis1998 5w

    My love
    Let me hear you sing songs without stopping until the moon runs away to chase the sun in another race.
    I will write you love poems and lead you to the world where I gravely keep everyone away.
    Didn't you know I love with sincere eloquence? I will clearly show you my desire by wavering my armors and letting you in.
    That way, I can give you the world that will come from one poem to another, and if that isn't grandiosity, I will write to the last drop of my sanity.
    These are all what I can do for you.
    Will it be enough to reach the stars?
    If I can go back to histories and compiled all the love poems thats ever written, will I see you see me?

    I never question the things that clawed ugly to my skin;
    I've been walking burning charcoals and a garden filled with spikes of roses, if it's pain we're talking about,
    It is your refusal that will hurt.