• recluse 6w

    The left side of my chest where they say heart resides,
    Is calling me to ponder my feeling at this late night,
    So here my words flow in your direction so effortlessly,
    They know you are the ocean in the end they are bound to meet,
    And just for that meeting, that touch, that longing embrace,
    That my feelings could not resist to express,
    It's the first time when you said my name,
    I heard it in your caring voice,
    I realised how beautiful it could sound when the right person calls you,
    The name itself carry a lot of meaning but then i realised mine in yours life,
    It was a moment of blessing for me,
    For i started to think how life could be,
    If you think of someone else again,
    To be in your life as lover or a friend, with whom you can share your pain,
    Who could help your broken heart to mend,
    Efforts could never be long ignored,
    Feelings into them naturally moulds,
    I just needed my hobbies to be back,
    And fortunately you made me listen to the right tracks,
    And i have that lists of songs to remind how much you expressed in them,
    They all are my favourite now, complete gems,
    A happy and confused tear rolled down my eye that day,
    When you said this song is what you want to say,
    And i lost myself in that moment instantly,
    To be found in you, a complete new me,
    Physical touch is what i am longing now,
    Just to sleep together someday, i wonder how,
    People come and go in life until death,
    I just hope our souls remain for each other till our last breath,