• grey_the_poet 6w

    I met a friend that I haven't seen in 5 years, yesterday..
    We were so close back then..
    And it seemed that this friend of mine had forgotten me.
    This song is for him.
    My friend, Nathan.

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    Do you remember?
    Do you remember the days we hung out?

    Do you remember?
    Cause' I'm starting to doubt...

    All those moments, all those times
    We were together..
    Do you really not remember?

    Search your past!
    There must be something left behind.

    Search your mind!
    Your lost memories, you must find!

    Maybe I'm hoping too much from you.
    If you remembered your name,
    You must've remembered me, too..

    I'm start to get a little doubtful.
    How can your mind be so dull?

    Please tell me that I'm not
    The only one who remembers
    The time we both spent together.

    Please tell me you're kidding,
    Please tell me you remember..

    Oh, the days we spent with so much laughter!

    I'm losing hope,
    Maybe it's time to stop..
    I don't wanna lose you.
    But your memories, you've dropped..

    I'll leave for now,
    But I'll come back for sure.

    I'll get going..
    This pain, I must endure.