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    Somethings are hard to keep track of.

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    Something two

    I am trying and all this effort I am putting in should not be too much. I know where I am at might seem unsafe at this point but I don't what I am capable of. I know I am Worthy but I don't want to take advantage of you so I will try to meet you halfway or do what I can. I know what I am saying might seem unsafe but I would rather safe than nothing. yes, I will pay but I will not fall in this position. I know my parents and I will try to help me but we can only do what we can. I need something to hold on to like a sign of progress. I know what I am doing might seem right to others but for there is a first to everything so I am a little scared and nervous. so you are not ok with what I am saying or trying to prove in my decision yes I am done because I don't care if this is a long distance relationship or not i we make it happen.