• kessy868 19w

    Heaven on Earth

    Oh how you take away my pain.
    Soothing like rain,
    Left me without shame.
    Even when im falling to the floor
    Begging for the lord to let me into haven's
    Trying to win in this life of sin
    Without a complain.
    Manifesting in my own lane
    Without playing a game.

    But they aint the same,
    Battering and slandering your name.
    For five minutes of fame!
    Hate,shame and disgrace they said
    Belittled you and fled.
    But its of mother's nature to love that
    Face she once fed, and never be scared.
    It was left unsaid

    For you are so virtous and pure,
    It's like you're my cure.
    Oh how I adore.
    Your habitat luscious and green
    So pristine its causing a scene.
    An aroma i can't ignore,
    It lingers on throughout the day.
    With you by my side, i can breakfree
    From these shackles and chains.
    Devour and flee.
    Leaving no trace for the enemy

    You put me it a place where
    I'll remain safe,for your taste is quite
    Exquisite. And could never be replaced.
    With you im lost in space, can't even feel
    My face.
    She takes me to unattainable heights
    With effortless grace.
    For her life is no race, but a pace
    For peace.
    Straight up blunt,never flaunt
    And always stunt.

    Your strains makes me a saint
    With stained memories, a ton
    Of fun under the sun.
    now i reminisce, all i feel is
    Great bliss.
    Now i wonder why you're merry.
    Jane you really do reign,
    And its just insane.