• akankshya_writes 23w


    I follow you everywhere
    Though you cannot see
    me anywhere..
    I am within you..
    Inside you, a part of you..
    Only visible when the
    lights want you to see me..

    For men may or may not
    follow you.. and your path..
    But I follow every tit bit
    of you..
    Sometimes I grow taller
    and sometimes shorter..
    But most of the times..
    I am your virtual duplicate..
    Dead and unnatural..

    Most of the times I play tricks..
    Sometimes hiding..
    And reappearing again..
    And sometimes I shrink
    completely and finally
    disappear until the time
    you find me again at night..

    The night witnesses my
    presence profoundly..
    For I am the reflection
    of the moon.. of the birds
    in their nests.. and most
    of the trees that swallow

    I am that soft touch on
    the ground and though
    sometimes the rocks
    block my way.. I never
    fail to match your pace..

    I am as swift as the children..
    swinging and dancing in every
    form.. and a master at playing
    notorious games..

    It's hard for you to find me..
    For I am shy to face you..
    But I am your friend and
    not your foe..
    For enemies are the ones
    who betray you..
    But I will keep on
    being with you...

    One fine morning..
    You may leave your
    bed and be by the
    window to enjoy
    the sun..
    But I will be there still in
    your bed.. As lazy as hell..

    For I am your shadow..
    You cannot find me in the light..
    Promising you with the best
    of a friendship.. I remain..
    Hoping you would hold on to me..
    With all your might..