• thesoulscribbles 6w

    When you are in pain, too much of it for that matter, all you want to do is somehow get rid of it, get relieved. You try to distract yourself, keep yourself busy, sleep continuously for days, stop talking to anyone and everyone, you do anything possible to make you forget that you are hurting. Then all of a sudden, a small tiny thought strikes in and boom! It's all back, the pain, the melancholy, the hurt, the void, the anxiety, the distress, everything. You think about it all the time and kinda sorta start reliving it in your own thoughts. You find yourself falling into a dark hollow pit from where there is no way out. You break from within into tiny pieces, slowly and then all at once.
    Give yourself time, time to heal, time to recover. Don't push yourself too hard to forget the hurt. Sit with your scars for as long as you want, cry at your bruises for as much as you want, relive what hurt you till you are bored of your own thoughts, scream till your throat hurts and your voice breaks down, but don't force yourself to forget. Moving on from something is the same as moving in for something, it won't happen until you are ready. So before you relieve yourself from pain, relive the pain, and once you are ready, kick it in the a*s and bounce back!


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