• amor_dios 24w

    Poem Title - The Concealed Kiss


    The moment was beautiful, when I lost my heart

    It gave our relationship, a brand new start

    Sitting with each other, just felt like a normal day

    But moments to be spent together, were about to stay

    He looked into my eyes, something he wanted to say

    I blushed and looked down, in a delicate way

    He held me by the waist, pulled me close

    I was startled at first, my heart just froze

    Lost in his beautiful eyes, I saw his love all pure

    He looked into my eyes and said my smile is what he adores

    He pulled me closer, "May I", he asked

    My heart skipped a beat , my breathing became fast

    The moment was finally here, I was waiting forever

    Today its gonna turn true, my sweetest endeavour

    Slowly he came closer, I lost the track of time

    All I could hear was my heartbeat turn into a sweet chime

    He touched my hair falling over my face, adjusted it behind my ear

    His soft touch melted me, he lifted my chin and came near

    His gentle lips met mine, the moment was so real

    Emotions were overflowing, everything was just surreal

    It felt the time stood still, like all I wanted was his embrace

    As we became 'one' in that moment ,nothing came in between our space

    His arms softly holding me, I thought I would faint

    I kissed the man I always desired, thought he was a saint

    As our lips parted, I regretted, the moment was all done

    He looked at me, he got to know , my heart he had already won

    I just stood with my eyes closed and a smile on my face

    He was bowled over, by my unmatchable grace

    My heart beat was blasting fast, finally I opened my eye

    My life seems fullfilled, no regrets, even if I die

    What a memorable moment it was, no words to descibe the gleam

    Just left a smile on my face, it was a beautiful dream..!!

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    The Concealed Kiss
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