• warriorpoet 11w


    It’s a lot easier to kill yourself. When nobody cares. It’s what you convinced yourself.

    Was for the best. as the darkness within strips you bare. And you can’t love yourself anymore.

    So your convinced no one else’s sentiment towards you could be theirs. You say to your self it’s all lies. Told out of obligation.

    Because they’re ensnared. Life for some reason or another took a turn. And it feels beyond repair.

    But their lives are there own. Not yet mired in the same despair. So you do what you think is right.

    Even convince yourself that your next deeds rival the wisdom of Voltaire. You begin to push them away. So your fate they will not share.

    You systematically pick them apart. Pulling at strings you know are there. Because there was once a time you live side-by-side.

    Partners in a future so bright. You had to cover your eyes from the glare. So you use everything they loved against them.

    Some knew what you were doing. Others went completely unaware. One emotional cut after another.

    And sooner or later your mission was accomplished. There was no longer anyone around you. For the sight of what you had become, could no longer be Baird.

    And as you climb the stairs to reach the roof to end it. All the names crossed, all debts squared. You walk your last mile.

    Past the apartments filled with families and friends. Children laughing and good times being shared. And with each floor climbed.

    You think back on those you ‘spared’. How your treatment of them was far from fair. And now your one flight away from the roof.

    It finally dawns on you. You threw away something in this life that is most rare. Something not everyone finds.

    And they give all they could to wear. The comfort of knowing that their friends and family are there.

    And you reach the roof in tears. Knowing you have a whole new reason to jump. The question is will anybody care?

    “it’s a lot easier to kill yourself if nobody cares.” (Al Calavicci/Quantum Leap)