• zhyven 21w


    Here in Philippines (Though I'm not sure with other countries) but why in this land where I was born, there's a lot of people who smart shame specially in classes, like for example, when you recite or ask something using English language ,the person whom you're asking ( or someone who's just listening) will look at you as boastful person who tries to look smart in front of them. Isn't it that everyone should learn English because it is an international language that connects people around the world especially in terms of business, though yes 'English is just a language and shouldn't be use to measure intelligence' but , you MUST at least learn basic terms and grammars because it is really important for world communication. And take note that, it doesn't mean we speak English in conversing we are already downgrading you, we speak this language for us to enhance it! For us to master it! For us to become fluent! We need and must use it for everyday life, for us to learn more to correct the grammatical errors we have. So if you yourself know that you aren't good in that language, I am strongly encouraging you to make a way to learn it.