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    A horrific melodious voice of girl....

    Call me sin, call me trouble, call me a deadly vice��
    I will wake you up, set you on fire, I will bring you to this life��

    "Help, help! Who is this? Please...please get me out from here!" A male's panicked voice was echoing in the basement.

    There is no need for you to be scared��
    I want to be your nightmare ��
    Let me be your nightmare ��

    "Who are you...stop singing? Please let me go!" He shouted again.
    "Shhh...Why are you so noisy, Avi! Let me unfold the clothe from your eyes." The girl whispered.

    Rubi's POV

    "Rubi! You?? What are you doing here? Why did you binded me with iron chains? Let me go!" Avi panicked and tried to unlock the chains from his arms and legs.

    He is so adorable! I wanna chain him up here for the lifetime so that we can live together without any hinderance.

    "Just hearing my name in your beautiful voice, soothes my mind! These are iron chains; why are you struggling to break them with your slender hands.Ohhh, darling! Why are you so navie? Now stop this! You might hurt yourself."

    "What do you want? If you want money say so, just tell me how much money do you want to free me from here?" Avi screamed at me.
    "No babé! I have plenty of money. I want you. Hahaha...hahaha...why do you think that I will free you just for some money shit!" I stated.

    "You want me! What a ridiculous thing to know! For what do you want me...to break my heart, like your best friend Ravya broken me. You are just like her! No you are more vicious than her."

    "How dare you compare my pure love, with that bitch! Call me vicious..you have right to say anything to me but how dare you compared me with that bitch!"

    "No, you are just like her! A cheater's friend is also a cheater!"
    "I told you, not to compare me with her! You need to be punished."

    My anger was boiling like hot water. I took a cane and beat his legs like a maniac. He was squeaking with pain and in an instance, I looked into his eyes, to my horror, tears were brimming in his beautiful captivating eyes.

    Cane fall down from my hands, I touched Avi's face with my hands and cupped his cheeks," I am..I am sorry..I am really sorry, my love! How can I hurt you? I am really out of my mind. Look, please forgive me...I really love you and I promise that I will never hurt you. Please just..just never compare my love with anyone. It makes me furious. I will..I will bring ointment for you...just bear a little bit!"

    I dashed to my room up above the first floor. He must be in so much pain, I need punishment for myself. I promised that I will never hurt him. He is already scared and by hurting him like this may have scared him a lot.

    I need to punish myself!
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