• a_mightyheart 22w

    Feel nothing, or everything

    I am the host here, hosting a feeling that nobody gets to recognize with
    Out there in the world, we hold a very tiny little place
    The sun, the moon and the stars are the only constants on earth
    Is it worth living a life that you do not relate to, it is one of the many questions that peep always in the mind
    Amongst the numerous stars, you surely find your place, the place where you want to be after death, maybe
    You relate to the stars and the heavenly bodies, like your own, don't you?
    You smile, seeing those rain drops falling so freely and so peacefully
    For us, the world is always on the time-lapse mode
    You stand still, like its been forever seeing those few people everyday
    Are they really moving forward or just standing still?
    A humongous paper town, making its way out of the bricks
    Indeed, we are some miniature for the creator of the universe
    Take no pride in living a life that is not full-fulling
    You carry the stillness in you everywhere you go
    A self-aware human feels nothing but everything
    And you still try to fit in your tiny space in the world.