• nikitamakhijani 31w

    The Glee God

    We wait all round the year,
And finally the calendar says, “Ganesha is here”
You come to our house,
Riding on the cute little mouse,
It’s all spic and span,
Especially for you to land.
The number of days doesn’t matter -three, five, seven or eleven,
I think they’re all overflowing with showers of blessings straight from heaven!
You bring us all together,
And we pray for Love, Laughter, Health and Prosperity in our lives forever...
There’s fun n frolic in every lane,
Because everyone has forgotten their pain...
The zeal of your devotees and the chanting of “Ganpati Bappa Morya” fills up the air,
Also, there are delicious Modaks being prepared everywhere.
You listen to what each one of us has to say- Be it gratitude, pleading, secrets, complaints or a question,
And I’m in awe of how wonderfully you sail our ships through the storms, proving every time that you’re the best as it’s Captain!
With a heavy heart, we bid you good bye,
Only after you promise that you would come soon and time would fly...
It’s YOU, who we think of on an auspicious start or when life leaves us stranded,
For we know, that nobody returns from your door, empty handed!
I sometimes feel that life is going nowhere,
But then my inner soul reminds me that you’re the ray of hope in despair...
Ganpati Bappa Morya,
Agle baras Tu jaldi aa!!!
An addition to the long list of your fans,