• jane_anton_1213 20w

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    Angel's princess

    Do the stars look beautiful to anyone....
    It looked beautiful but now I don't gaze upon it
    I'm being flashed by ur cuteness overloaded by ur love dear...
    U made me soo important in ur life
    For this reason I will stay in the rest of my life as grateful I can be....
    U make me possessed but in the end
    We end up by knowing wat is within both ..
    My angel this princess of urs will never forget u regret u
    Caz I needed u ..I need u for the rest of my life
    Everytime I think of u I get a smile on my face
    Without any reason. God gave me such a cute little angel whom I can see visibly✌
    How could I be without thanking you Lord
    This princess here always thinking of u
    Always wanted to be by the side of u
    And wanted to see ur smile..
    Never have I thought of leaving u becaz I can't stay without u
    You r damn damn important in my life PA
    I don't want us both to be separated for any reason