• goddess_rebelkatt 50w

    Eve was Allegorical Subconscious

    Now, with the 114th logia of gospel of st Thomas, my animus burns bright "cosmic Christ" As the Masculine Archetype:
    (In seeing my namesake Persephone honors being a guide of the subconscious) it was only after being abducted by it, I gained any mastery, initiate or beyond.
    I'm delighted to be not only a daughter of the creator, but to feel the shame lifting from the polarization of duality and realize that the victimized on trial Deity is a metaphor for our Galactic Barbaric Self Enslavement.
    Our creator loved us in a way so much, that in creational symbolism, we were taken from another... yet we create ourselves too!
    Those who have ears, let them hear.