• nobodyjacobs 5w


    Hell I am about to give up
    don't ask me why I don't know
    just seems about what's left in me
    I have never felt smaller or more
    unimportant I thought to myself
    if I really believed maybe she's only
    playing games with me and I need
    not wonder why I am at odds thinking she just doesn't give a damn at all
    when truthfully asked if she cares
    she will utter that all things are not
    here to please her or anyone else that
    in a relatively short amount of time
    whatever you cherish and hold on too
    in the most demoralizing of times
    can just as easily be gone tomorrow
    she would look you dead in the eye
    at the end of it all and repeat the words
    gone tomorrow understand you think
    you have time she would say until it's
    gone like yesterday then she would excuse herself still staring at whomever
    as she took her leave I noticed the air
    became easier to breath hitting me
    snapping me back to the present
    still wondering if she's just playing
    some sort of game or if I may tell
    she don't care or even give a damn