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    Love is tricky isn't it,
    no it isn't
    different people react different to it,
    for some have already made an image that it only hurts and it will hold them inside this cage if a bond given all their past experiences
    but is it really the fault of love?
    No, it's just the people they fell for were douchebags
    some never really love jusg pretend to,
    pretend just to get in your pants
    and some never really understand what love actually means, they never understand stand that to love is not to posses but to let the one you love be free,
    It's not to about holding them with you always to show that you protect but to support them to fly higher and higher and make them trust in you, make them know you believe in them
    but all they do is ask absurd questions all the time like,
    what you are doing?
    why you are doing?
    where are you going?
    with whom are you going?
    why are you wearing this?
    but in all of this love is nowhere at fault, it's just the people who pretended to love but never really did.
    For some who are experiencing it for the first time it's a feeling of bliss, nothing like ever before, butterflies in the stomach, heartbeat racing and smiling all day long thinking about the one they love, but some people try too hard and to be perfect, they wanna hide their flaws and be the best for thw one they love,
    sometimes they free them too much that the communication halts, they focus too much on making  them believe that their past will never return to haunt them and amidst this sometimes they forget to be who they are and sharing is the most important part of any bond and they miss this just so that they don't bother the one but i think no matter what other person may be going through they'll listen to the one they care about and knowing from others will only make things worse and hurt the person they love
    point out for their every mistake but forgive them too as to grow out of it
    to love is to grow, not to show
    to love is to set free not to hold

    don't let anything else effect what is needed to be done as you may never get a second chance


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