• jamier1224 31w

    My child

    Don't be discouraged my child life will make you frown and bring you down but you are beautiful.

    I'll be here to pick you up when you fall I will love you through it all the good the bad The Happy the sad for I am your mother and I'll be by your side.

    Don't be hard on yourself you're doing just fine. You will always be mine and be in my heart I'll love you always even in the dark.

    I'll be your light you don't have to fight. I'll help you through it whether it's wrong or right. Show me your smile because you shine so bright. I'll give you my hand and walk you through this life.

    I am your mother you are my child you can tell me anything that your little heart desires.
    Don't be afraid I'll be right there.

    One day when you're older you'll spread your wings and fly but that doesn't mean. I'll say goodbye. I'll still be there always and forever life can be unfair at times and knock you down but my hand will be right there to pick you up off the ground.

    You are beautiful my child so hold your head up mommy is proud of you everyday. Know that I am here even if my time comes I will still look over you from up above.

    You will grow and make mistakes but one day you will be a beautiful woman and an amazing mother you will see. I love you my child you are dear to me.
    Jamie Reese