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    At the age of 5, her mother taught her not to eat anything the stranger gives,
    At the age of 15 , her mother told her she should not talk to the guy that followed her till her home ,
    At the age of 18 , her mother called her every half an hour to check where she have reached while she was travelling in public transport,
    At the age of 21, her mother thought she safeguarded her daughter from all the evils that exist in our society and found a groom for her .
    But Her mother failed to realised that evil start at home .
    Her mother couldn't help but see her daughter going through the pain , That she have always scared of.
    She couldn't help but cry for the marks that have made on her daughter's skin ,
    She have always been afraid that her daughter might be hurted from someone outside her home .
    Why do our society failed to see the crime in this offence ?
    Because that crime has been done inside the marriage, did the crime's nature changed ?
    Why it's hard for you to understand the word "No" ?
    Actus reus is present
    so is mens rea . Then why not the crime considered to be an offence ?


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