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    Sea shells and Pine cones

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    Sea shells and Pine cones

    For as long as I've known,
    She's had a thing for
    Sea shells and pine cones

    I've watched her pick them out,
    Of varied colors,
    Carefully examined and sized,
    Each stacked beautifully,
    All in her possession,
    Deeply prized.

    When it was time to let go,
    They were still on her mind
    Although she left her home,
    She had to leave them behind.
    Her sea shells and pine cones,
    Barely more valuable than mere stones.

    Such is the plight of man,
    Gathering trinkets to last him a lifetime.
    Doing all that he can,
    To make it last longer than his prime.
    Collecting his share of sea shells and pine cones,
    In the end,
    Only to be buried with his bare bones!