• wordsofkevin029 5w

    It was always lust and never love

    Echoes of deep blue silences have me surrounded
    It is hard for me to accept, hard for me to hide
    Once in love drinking love potion, I now quaff love poison
    All the feelings I had are now dead. And so am I, on the inside

    I guess it's the memories and not feelings that hurt me
    But I am trying hard to break into new skin, the one you never touched
    Once waking up with kisses, I am now busy kissing melancholy
    My cheeks are soaked in pain you inflicted, I remember how they once blushed

    My books are now full of lonely confessions
    They were once full of poems I wrote for you
    Though I will never hold remorse for giving you another chance
    It was always lust and never love is something I wish I knew