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    Heart touching love story

    He left her that day saying with a very angry face that its better we part our ways, still she had a hope that one day he will return, he was so engrossed in himself that years passed that no single moment he thought about her but still she did not loose hope, then one day he met with an accident no one came to help him, he was lying on the road and luckily she was passing by stopped her car to see who has met with the accident when she saw she was shocked by seeing his critical condition, she rushed to hospital to save his life, Doctors said that due to loss of blood he need a heart transplant, the operation was successful. As soon as he gained conciousness he asked the doctors to take him to that person who gave him life. When he saw that person he cried very hard because the donor was that girl whom he had left, who had a hope that he will return and who loved him and cared for him. Doctors told him that she took him to the hospital and when we told her that you needed a heart transplant she didnt think for a second and was ready for it and thankfully the heart was a match. He was very much guilty of his selfish behaviour but now all in vain because her love towards him was so honest and real that he rejected her but her heart will always remain in him and with him because she loved him. This is called true love....