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    Perhaps it's the white streaks
    cloaking the azure sky,
    or, the euphony of the house sparrows
    on the canopy
    manifesting a dimpled face by the open
    french window of her cottage house.

    As they admire her beauty,
    her deep blue eyes stroke the
    frolicking lavenders beneath,
    healing her doleful aura in their
    enchanting fragrance.

    her bitter smile unveils the taste
    of her melancholy like the glistening
    water cascading into the blues.

    Tears of love, lost yonks ago dragoons
    vivid memories of that
    forgotten feeling, lingering in hope,
    feeding on her bliss.....

    But today she succumbs to the spell of her
    burgeoning lavenders bathing in the
    early morning drizzle......

    The fading glory of her love, skirts her
    choking heart, now breathing the
    scent of a rosy tomorrow....

    Embracing the halo of evanescence,
    she wipes her tears in the vista of her
    lavenders blooming into a purple ocean.....


    ~Penned on 20th October, 2020, 2:39pm

    Seangil chuka hamnida Darshyy ��.....
    Wishing you all the happiness forever....
    Saranghae ��
    Happy Happy Happy Bday ��
    I'm sorry for wishing you late ��

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    Like those blooming lavenders,
    The deep fragrance of your love
    embraces me,
    The illusion of a purple ocean
    blinds me,
    in dreams of an eternal camaraderie