• carvedwrites 10w


    My life found its other part...!
    New people changed to closed ones...!
    Never ending talks...!️
    Ghost stories at night...!
    Silly Pillow fights...!⚔️
    Untime movies..!
    Evening attendence time...!⏰
    Sharing a Single plate with many hands on it...!‍‍‍
    Those days when we were scared bcoz of warden...!
    Returning to hostel past curfew...!‍♀️
    Many departments meets at dinner time...!
    Evening time outdoor games...!
    The few steps of walk after a dinner..!
    Funny Group studies just day before the exam..!
    Some funny atrocities during rainy days in the corridor..!
    In the study hour that acting level..!
    Hostel day celebrations and games..!
    Caring relationship when we got sick next to family..!
    There is no way to hide the secrets from them..!
    Inside the four walls,there is a happy family more than friends..!❤️
    The beautiful family chosen by ourself...!