• mr_un_stoppable 31w


    I wanna fly
    Up high
    Lyk the eagle in the sky

    I just wanna fly
    I just wanna fly

    Wanna leave that feeling of being alone
    Wanna break the heart which turned stone
    I just wanna smile
    For a little while
    I just wanna fly
    I just fly again

    Hiding the scars
    Gazing the stars
    Holding someone's hand
    Asking her not to take my stand
    Wanna run away from the insecurity
    Wanna be like celebrity
    I just wanna fly
    I just wanna fly again

    Nothings gonna hold you back baby
    Neither i am gonna wait
    Nor your gonna return lady
    I just wanna leave everything
    I just wanna hide that i am still waiting

    Ya baby wanna cry
    Wanna fly
    Wanna cry
    Wanna fly again