• hota_sia 6w

    Retakes and rewinds

    Could have been there some retakes,
    Would have concealed my musings from fakes,
    Would have gained some marks for grace ,
    Would have altered the chaos so made.
    Could have been there a rewind button,
    or the ultimate time machine of Doraemon,
    I would have slapped the depressed me,
    And just utter the two words, "Go on. "
    If so, the world gets dipped into joy,
    If so, the world surely gets filled,
    not with learners but cheaters.
    Humanity and Humanism gets killed,
    Man being transformed into litters.
    This cycle of tragic moments never ends,
    That's the invariable truth.
    Stand firmly and accept to the extent,
    That's what you can do it.