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    Dear YOU ,
    I know You are reading all my posts if not,definitely You will read one day.They are pretty good enough But the point is...why I'm uploading them.Knowing that you cannot be mine anymore!! This is the actual time to make my self better and show out & bring out all my abilities.I don't know Why I'm bolking down everyday.By uploading all the sad statuses and making You hurt.Yes I'm..Without my knowledge You might be getting hurt evrytime after watching my post's.Now ur life has taken the new turn and mine too.Now,I have to stay as Your moral support in indirect way.I just want to stop this here and pray for Your Happy and beautiful life with Your soulmate .I know it's not that easy for myself but I will assure you won't regret Your self afterwards.I want to Dettach everything with You and stay away from You .I just want to make You feel I'm still exists somewhere on earth for You forever .Now both of ours ways are different.I want to let You fly and let You shine Your own way by making Your life better and happy.You deserve immense pleasure and lot more happiness in your life too..I want to Show the world that true love still exists in different forms....Don't get hurt by my word's,But now I'm doing wrong by holding Your happyness in my hands now Your perspective has been changed.I don't want You to feel hurt thinking about me after seeing my posts .Yes I did a mistake of writing all these.I'm the one who will give You strength in your hard days but forgetting all might I made You feel hurt by posting all these.Just now I realised that I don't want to distrub You anymore.I just want to boost Your strength and Happiness.That is the only reason why I'm stopping.It is all for You only.Yes,I will be HAPPY.no worries about me.I can bear and I can live .I want you to live HaPPY.I can do anything for your Happiness.Being a small part in it
    I will stop posting quotes about You in this .
    Now,I don't have any second chance to say sorry & I love You,to You.But still I love You coZ,I don't want to hate You .
    I hate myself when I'm hating You.Remember me as JUST LIKE AN UNDERLINED WORD IN YOUR NOTEBOOK.
    One word for YOU is

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    Farewell to my Girlfriend

    Yes , I'm Giving a Grand Farewell To You .
    I'm tired of thinking about You these many days , now it's time to move on .
    Sorry dear ,
    I'm Ending Your story with a simple pull stop (fate decided) .
    This is my last Post
    To You ,
    About You ,
    For You ,
    Love YOU .
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