• a_girl_has_no_name__ 4w

    The White Lady

    As I sleep her old, iced blue eyes stare at me from the corner of my room, just in front of the door. I have no idea who she is or what she is, I have never seen her before, but she looks like someone I have known my entire life. I can never focus on her so I just watch her from the corner of my eye, every night she gets closer and closer to me, last night she was next to my bed and I see her angel eyes clearer than anything else. It's like they glow, lighting up the space around her, small torches in the darkness. She looks kind, yet dead.

    I described her to my friends at school and one of them told me that they saw her too one night when they stayed the night at my house. They said they thought they were dreaming, but now they see that they are not.