• indraneel123 10w


    Everyone says that "Today's generation " has changed,
    No one spread love, they only want to see others damaged,
    But who made them like this?
    They only understand "competition" and forgot to maintain peace.

    Why? Because the society has decided,
    It doesn't matter whether anyone is alive or dead,
    Fulfilling ambition is their main aim,
    They want to win mercilessly this ambitious game.

    Because they have adapted it from the society,
    Who taught them to fight even if you lose humanity,
    In this competition of getting jobs and salary,
    They may win but they will lose forever their dignity.

    Why to compete? Everyone may have ambition,
    There's nothing wrong in it but I will certainly mention,
    That try to compete with yourself and not with others,
    Your bad intentions can give them lifetime scars.

    Do not do it like a competition,
    Win it with your passion,
    Spread love and be generous and kind,
    Because God always wanted us to bind.
    Life is not a competition,
    It's full of joy and fun.