• bloggerskingdom 10w

    Obscure spell

    Life depicts kite,
    Definitely shows us the perfect sight,
    When the kite goes down,
    The life says something's drowned,
    In both the circumstances we loosen up,
    The manjha (rope) and our mental situation,
    That situation when the days are firm,
    So is the KITE!!
    We let both the things remain the way they are,
    Either the struggle or the kite ,
    Goes above of where do they reside,
    We again loosen them up for there perfect site,
    It again reaches and again drowns
    Doesn't mean we can't conquer our mental might,
    If both the things reside at a wrong place
    It definitely is your adverse face
    This ain't immortal
    But your eternal thoughts are
    Change your thoughts to be a bright star!!!
    Cause nobody's gonna change the way you definitely ARE